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Self-Mastery and Manifestation Series Announcement

Mental and physical toughness, intuition, integrity, the ability to manifest your goals and think clearly under stress: these are all highly valued skills and states of being that all fall under the header of self-mastery. I’ve built Digital Sages as a place to learn as much as possible about how to achieve this kind of strength and awareness for yourself, both for personal as well as professional reasons.

However, those looking for a more specific guidance might be confused or overwhelmed by the bits of insight scattered throughout all of the blog posts and pages featured here. There are also gaps in the training, subjects that we haven’t yet touched on or haven’t touched on nearly enough.

It is for this reason that we have decided to put together something special for anyone who is interested in personal development and self-mastery: an original 12 part eBook series that will be free and available for download right here on Digital Sages that will cover the foundation of everything you need to know in order to begin your journey.

What We Will Cover in the Self-Mastery Series

This eBook series is intended to be concise and to the point, perfect for beginners and intermediates on the road to self-mastery. It will cover four primary areas of training split into three guides each, ranging from physical adeptness to the laws of attraction and cultivating a healthy mind, as well as diet and our connection with nature.

The series will be fashioned in such a way that the guides will build upon one another, yet each will also be able to stand alone as its own product, in case you happen to be uninterested in a certain topic and want to skip ahead. However, they will be best enjoyed when read sequentially, one after the other. This will produce the greatest understanding and overall benefit.

My goal for this series is to give people quick and easy access to the most important, fundamental aspects of self-mastery, so they aren’t bogged down with chasing after dozens of books, videos, documentaries, and other material. I’ve found that one of the biggest issues holding seekers back from learning is the confusion caused by an over-saturated market of ideas, many of which are conflicting because they are produced through a lens of certain religious, political, or personal beliefs.

It’s important that any material aimed at self-mastery be produced in such a way as to bypass opinion and theory. You want the tried and proven, direct techniques and training methods, clear language, and streamlined guidance.

Therefore, the guides will be structured in such a way as to be very digestible, easy to pick up any time and learn from, and above all else, more like a practical guide than a philosophical dissertation.

By the end of the twelve part series, the reader should be equipped with the basic knowledge of physical and mental health, proper diet, awareness of nature, and how to get the most out of training routines and meditation. Most of all, the goal is for the reader to be able to continue their journey with the right mindset. One of the biggest aspects of self-mastery is simply the ability to do what’s right for yourself at all times, and this includes knowing what’s true and false, what’s healthy and unhealthy, and what’s beneficial and detrimental.

Release Window and Supplemental Holistic Resources

I intend to have the eBook course available sometime within the next few months. It’s important for me and the message I want Digital Sages to convey that the guides are made with care and perform their job well. That is, they fully facilitate in the learning of and understanding of oneself, give clear directions on how to perform certain exercise routines and meditation techniques, and above all else, are easy to read and digest.

These guides should be fully accessible even to those who haven’t really looked into the subjects of meditation, awareness, the power of positive thinking, natural diets, and the importance of nature. In that regard I will be spending as much time as possible fine tuning the guides and rolling them out one by one over the course of several weeks.

A more specific time frame will be available within the next couple of weeks.

If you are interested in self-mastery and want to get a jump start, I highly suggest checking out the following articles on the subject of physical and mental wellness:

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