Fight Fascism

How to Fight Fascism Through Self-Awareness

The worldwide rise of far-right extremism poses a danger to all free-thinking individuals and needs to be challenged aggressively at every opportunity.

But how do you fight fascism in a world that seems to bend over backwards for racists, bigots, regressives, fundamentalists, warmongers, and violent propagandists?

Lately, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that these craven creatures are everywhere, and seek to undermine freedom and the natural order at every turn.

A strong mind and body will be needed. A much deeper self-awareness.

Rise Against Fascism
A society that does not value logic and reason will succumb to chaos. We’re already seeing the discord and disconnection, which fascists throughout history sow and then exploit to their advantage.

Nothing less will cut it. We are at war.

Hyperbole? Not at all.

Right now a full-scale fascist agenda is being implemented throughout the world, and the acolytes of this agenda number in the tens of millions. They are practically chomping at the bit, waiting for the opportunity to strip you of your rights, eliminate free thought, and create their own version of a militarized theocratic ethnostate governed by fear and lies.

This is nothing new of course. The entire history of modern civilization can be boiled down to progressive-minded freethinking sovereign individuals fighting and dying against fascist regimes in order to make incremental steps toward creating a better society.

We are only seeing the next phase of this war play out in real time before our eyes. Thousands upon thousands of our neighbors, taken by fear and their own lack of intelligence, boiling over with anger over ideas that have been planted in their heads by propagandists.

In such a climate, what are freedom fighters and resisters to do?

What you can do right now to fight fascism:

  • Wake up to your power by taking personal responsibility for what’s going on. Develop greater self-awareness.
  • Realize legislators aren’t coming to save anyone.
  • The war has already begun. You’re either a combatant or a victim. Choose wisely.
  • Become learned and mentally prepared to fight propaganda.
  • Adopt a rigorous exercise routine.
  • Support local and sustainable brands. Build up your community.
  • Become involved with your local resistance cells and protests. Aid them how you can.
  • Practice radical self-care. Learn how to process your own trauma and overcome your limitations so you are better equipped to help others.

You must take responsibility and equip yourself for what is to come. The following guide will help instruct you on how to resist fascism both physically and mentally, through time-honored self-mastery techniques.

What is Fascism? A Quick Overview

Fascism in its broadest sense can be defined as authoritarian nationalism. A more practical definition would be systemic control executed on behalf of far-right ideals, usually some combination of nationalism, racism, religious fundamentalism, and exclusion of intellectualism (science, art, progress, liberty, freedom).

While the traditional understanding of “fascism” is used in relation to governmental control, fascist ideals have always found a home outside of politics, taking on a number of different identities.

Fascism has become a label for the umbrella of rightist extremism, which includes the likes of the KKK, Neo Nazis, Trumpism (stupidity, wayward nationalism, and bigotry), the “corporatocracy,” evangelical fundamentalists, Ayn Rand style “every man for themselves” capitalist fetishists, “Proud Boys,” white nationalists, and so on.

While there are some minute differences in the details regarding the beliefs of these groups, they are bound together by their xenophobia, nationalist tendencies, hatred for science and progress, obsession with capitalism and fear of anything “socialist,” and egregious stupidity.

One might say ignorance is the actual one defining trait that encapsulates fascism, but the truth is that some of their puppeteers are keenly aware that what they espouse is nonsense, and use these ideas to control others, and not because they actually believe them. 

In general however, a fascist is someone who abhors liberal democracies, shuns the idea of equality, fears science and its implications, and would rather use violent force to subjugate others and have them conform to a rigid black and white system of power (autocracy, theocracy) rather than allow true freedom to prosper.

You would think such people rare in this day and age, but the truth is that in a world of ignorance, fascist thought is the rule, not the exception.

How to Fight Fascism Mentally (Spotting Propaganda and Rebuking Hate)

What propagandists understand well is how thought shapes reality. The best way to imprint a certain belief structure onto an unlearned and complacent society is to simply bombard it with endless lies.

What we have been seeing from the far-right for the past 30+ years is all part of the same propaganda campaign. From the days of Rush Limbaugh and his never-ending parade of lies and bigotry on talk radio, to what we have today with hundreds of amateur news (propaganda) networks spewing round-the-clock hate on YouTube, our liberal democracy has been under constant 24/7 assault for decades.

It is like water eroding the banks of a river. In the short term it may appear as if nothing is happening, but over the course of hundreds of years, the banks get worn away and whole trees that stood tall for decades become uprooted and are lost.

No matter how strong you think a democracy or system of government is, at the end of the day the mind rules everything.

If enough people in a democracy believe false things, you no longer have a democracy. Chaos ensues and a new power structure has to take root to compensate.

In other words, a democracy cannot function or exist if too many of its participants are fascists or hold fascist ideals.

What many fail to grasp is that a fear-based individual holds to a low vibration that only responds to violence and control by force. The more fearful a society is, the less it can make use of democratic systems. We have seen this many times in the Trump era with politicians, including Trump himself, just casually forgoing norms and brushing off congressional subpoenas as if they were parking tickets, with absolutely no repercussions in sight.

Many cry, “where are the checks and balances?!”

There are no checks and balances during a fascist takeover. That’s the point.

Remember, most autocrats don’t rise to power by an egregious show of force. They are elected in or chosen in some way. Even those who come to power through a coup are typically supported by a great many people (including the military), otherwise they wouldn’t be able to perform the takeover in the first place.

Developing a Powerful Mindset of Resistance

  • Practice meditation regularly for a calm and healthy mind.
  • Adopt the mindset of “do no harm but take no shit.”
  • Do not allow propagandists and fascists space to breathe. Block, report, flag, shame, and call out often.
  • Eliminate personal biases. The more opinions and lies you believe, the more they can be used against you.
  • Ground yourself. Discard emotionalism and practice being present.
  • Learn to see the beauty of the natural world so you may impart this understanding to others.
  • Educate yourself on the latest fascist talking points.
  • Use truth, and not emotions, when making a point yourself.
  • Avoid being defensive or explaining your stance to bad faith actors. It is not your job to be an idiot-whisperer.
  • Come to every interaction with fascists with an ass-kicking mindset. Treat every engagement as a battlefield, as that is what it is.

The one thread tying all of these points together is, you have to stop being weak. Fascists feed on weakness – it’s how they are able to do what they do.

When society rolls over and exposes its collective belly, that’s when fascists take out the knife and gut you. Again, we are witnessing this on a nationwide scale as of late.

Democrats and liberals routinely taking NERF guns and plastic knives to the fight when the opposition is using Howitzers and Sherman tanks.

Stop. Being. Weak.

Self-induced weakness or victimhood is actually a sign of an overdeveloped ego. It’s a way to garner pity from others while not having to take full responsibility for one’s actions.

In a natural environment, all animals strive to be the fittest and strongest they can possibly be. It is in our best interests to always strive to be our best.

You are not being your best if you are meek, fearful, or deferential. Fascists sniff out this kind of behavior and feed off of it.

Low Vibration People
Low vibration individuals work from a very primal mindset that lacks awareness. Because they lack awareness, they tend to blame others for the lack they feel in themselves.

Low vibration types work from the lizard brain, the oldest part of our physical consciousness, which governs aggression, territorial behavior, and fight or flight responses. They know very little outside of this because their awareness is locked into that vibration.

Every time you cower or defer to a fascist, you are giving them what they want. It’s the same concept with bullies. As soon as you challenge one, they fold like wet cheesecloth.

Mental toughness in general will transform your life. Work diligently to develop a mindset of power and strength, and you will be rewarded in many ways.

Become a Light by Resisting Hate

How do you reduce the power of fascism? Through loving resistance.

Many proponents of fear-based ideologies haven’t yet completely locked themselves into a low vibratory state and can still be reached.

You can’t sway these people through arguing. In fact, it’s best to not waste your time debating or arguing, especially online. People are swayed with action.

Compassion Over Fascism
Compassion Over Fascism

The best way to diffuse hate is through love. Sounds logical enough but it’s important to know how to put it into practice.

  • Gently correct neighbors, friends and family when they lie or repeat propaganda (don’t speak as if giving an opinion. Facts are not opinions. Simply say, “actually, this is what happened.” Leave no room for argument. Facts are not matters of debate.)
  • Love freely and openly. Learn how to cultivate positivity and spread this around.
  • You don’t have to agree with someone to show them human kindness. If you encounter a Trump supporter or even a militarized Neo-Nazi in pain or anguish during a protest, seek to bridge the gap. Offer them water. Hug them. Listen to them, just don’t reflect their energy. Remember that their hate is a vibration, and yes it is ugly, but somewhere underneath it is someone crying out desperately for help.
  • Stand in solidarity with the causes and pain of others. All social justice causes are your causes too. There is no such thing as selective freedom. Either everyone is free or no one is. In a truly just society, if there is oppression in any form, it could just as well be you next week. Fight alongside your brothers and sisters even if their cause doesn’t apply to you.
  • If challenged, either verbally or physically, remain calm and poised. Be an arbiter of justice not an agent of chaos.
  • Learn to see the patterns and connect the dots. The root of someone’s hate always has its origins in someone else’s agenda. Knowing this will help you pinpoint the origin of other people’s malcontent and will give you the ability to fight it better with compassion rather than aggression.

How to Fight Fascism Physically (Training and Awareness)

While this is certainly a war of ideas, it is no less physical, and must be approached accordingly.

To neglect this aspect of the fight is to not only do yourself a disservice, but to make light of what’s happening.

When you have armed militants marching through city streets, protestors getting ran over by self-admitted Nazis, and a large swath of the entire country proudly emblazoning their yards and cars with decals advertising propaganda and bigotry out in the open, you’re no longer simply dealing with mind games and intellectual subterfuge.

There is a physical side to this war, and to deny this fact is to jeopardize your own freedom and that of others.

Developing a Physical Training Routine

You need to get your body in better shape. The fact is that flab and low stamina is going to be a great liability in the coming years.

Sound alarmist? I hope so.

Mind Body Training
Strengthening the body and mind enables you to live a fuller, happier, healthier life.

The truth is, this isn’t just about resisting fascism. A lack of physical discipline is the cause of a great many issues in our everyday lives. From poor health to an erratic mindset, the lack of exercise and body mastery in our lives is just as big a threat to our well-being as fascism is, if not more so.

Your life will improve by leaps and bounds by taking up a serious self-mastery regimen.

  • Begin practicing yoga or martial arts. Even ten minutes a day will help condition the body.
  • Start eating a healthier diet. More alkaline nutrition and less processed foods.
  • Lift weights. Even if you don’t want to look “bulkier,” tearing and rebuilding muscle is not only an awesome weight loss hack, but will improve many aspects of your health in general, from your metabolism to your immune system.
  • Learn practical physical skills. Every skill you posses enables you to help others in various ways. Even basic skills such as potting a plant, cooking an egg, sewing a patch, jumping a car. In times of crisis, those who possess useful skills can change people’s lives.
  • Embrace self-discipline. This has wider applications than simply fighting off wanna-be Nazis. The more mentally and physically disciplined you are, the more you will find that life sort of “falls into place.” You gain greater control over the events around you and can better direct your energy. This makes you more potent and goal-orientated.
  • Last but not least, learn some form of self-defense. This is something everyone should understand intimately. Also, with rising reports of violent fascist extremists running around out there, you can’t afford to be defenseless.

How to Become Spatially Aware

I preach spatial awareness constantly, because it is such a great skill to have.

Some refer to it as the ability to “move as the animals move.”

Tread softly upon the Earth, open and close doors with care, breath softly and evenly, be aware of where you step and your proximity to others, don’t obstruct the movement of others, and speak with a soft and sure gravity.

Spatial awareness is the act of becoming a conscious participant in your own life.

Instead of being in people’s way, always feeling like you don’t know what’s going on, or feeling left out, you take the initiative and begin to appreciate the little things. You also take conscious note of your own space and grow to appreciate the space of others.

Be mindful of your footfalls, the way you enter rooms, the way you sit or stand near people, the thoughts you direct at others, and how you approach the world.

Why does this matter in the context of fighting fascism?

Simply because the rise of fascism itself is a product of low awareness.

Hate and fear cannot exist in a high-awareness environment.

By practicing better self-awareness, you create the space needed in order to heal the fabric of society from the ground up. 

As a side-effect, you will feel more grounded and will find your quality of life increase as you gain greater perspective about life and your role in it.

Resources For Fighting Fascism

If you are serious about fighting on the front lines and becoming an active light in battle against right-wing extremism, you need to be equipped with the proper resources to do so.

Resources For Fighting Fascism
Learning how to strengthen your body, educate yourself on the important matters, and practice basic self-defense is the least you can do to stand up against fascism.

To make a difference, you need to truly educate yourself on important matters, increase your self-awareness, and work on your body and mind so that you can actively become part of the solution.

Fascism and the people who enable it aren’t just going to magically disappear anytime soon. If you want to prosper, you have to start working on yourself now and be prepared for whatever comes.

(This section will be continuously updated with new resources. If you have a link that deserves to be here, email it to us at [email protected])

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