Living in spiritual Luxury

How to Live in Spiritual Luxury

Spiritual luxury is about cultivating a rich inner world that attracts good things. A meaningful life full of joy, prosperity, stability, and magic. 

The idea that spirituality in any form can be “luxurious” might not sit well with you depending on your level of programming. Religion has done a number on our minds and for thousands of years has entangled the ideas of poverty and piety into one concept.

I now understand this to be a massive psyop.

For those unfamiliar with the term, a “psyop” is any large-scale psychological operation with the aim of shifting public perception as to a certain end, usually to benefit the few at the expense of the many.

While it’s easy to assume that physical manifestations of wealth are all “evil” from a spiritual standpoint, under closer scrutiny, this line of thinking doesn’t hold up. I personally subscribed to the “traditional” views of impoverished spirituality for years until my awareness grew and I realized that this was yet another form of control and mental subjugation.

The truth is that physical poverty is often reflective of mental poverty, and that it is no coincidence that when you begin to follow proper spiritual teachings and self-mastery techniques, that you seem to naturally accrue wealth in many forms.

Again, I’ve known this to be true for some time yet I wrestled with the idea of luxurious spiritual living simply because of religious programming. This idea that in order to be a good person, you not only have to renounce all wealth but also have to live as some kind of impoverished hermit in order to live piously.

I now firmly understand that this mindset was artificially implanted into the populous in order to benefit the rich few as they lorded over the impoverished masses.

Like many other aspects of spiritual living that these power structures have robbed us of, such as our connection with the natural world, magick, and divination, reaping the rewards of an abundant mindset was also taboo.

Those “in the know” have always understood how this stuff works. It’s all hermetics, the natural spiritual laws of the universe.

If you are wondering how you can overcome this programming so you can start living a life of luxury, this guide was written for you.

Shift to a Mindset of Abundance

What is spiritual luxury? The easiest way to describe it is life as it is meant to be lived, when you have achieved a perfect flow state and are continuously manifesting what you want in life.

Live Life in Luxury
Learn self-care. A spiritually luxuriously lifestyle should involve cultivation, magnetism, and higher awareness.

The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to manifesting abundance is to think of what you want in isolated terms. Striving for one singular goal or trying to manifest a set sum of money is useful to some degree, but these kinds of practices naturally contain elements of limitation to them.

Rather than simply practice manifestation, you can better create a life of spiritual luxury for yourself by shifting to what’s called an abundance mindset.

This is a spiritually healthy mental state that understands that the concept of “lack” is an illusion and that we are here on the physical plane to harmonize with greater powers and grow on a multidimensional level.

However, there is another subtle element to luxurious spiritual living that differentiates it from mere manifestation exercises. It’s better understood as an approach to life.

Sometimes, energy workers and positive mindset proponents get caught up in trying to “manifest good from a place of bad.”

What I mean by that is, they may have the right general idea as to how the law of attraction works, and how to set aside time for a vision board or a meditation exercise that helps them manifest a certain goal, but meanwhile, much of their everyday life is still chaotic and largely negative.

For instance, you can’t attract abundance properly if you are still getting disgruntled over mild inconveniences and if you are still casting judgment on others as you go about your day.

I see “light workers” that talk about using mantras to attract good things into their life but will then complain about unpaved roads in their town and “where their tax dollars are going.”

It’s a kid’s idea of spirituality. You can’t live luxuriously if you still get hung up on nonsense.

So spiritual luxury first and foremost is about healthy thinking patterns that lead to abundance.

  • Continuously practicing gratitude.
  • Knowing that you will get back what you put into the world.
  • Releasing attachment to outcomes.
  • Casting zero judgment on others.
  • You are responsible for what goes on in your life.
  • Practicing self-awareness, making better decisions, paying attention to what’s going on around you.
  • Living in the present moment.

This is just an overview, but you get the idea.

Remember, political and religious power structures want you to remain in poverty. They don’t want you joining in on the massive amount of wealth and abundance that’s out there.

This is done by creating an environment where attachment, irresponsibility, ingratitude, disgruntled behaviors, and poor decisions are the norm. An egocentric society that keeps you in perpetual chains by feeding your worst interests and vices.

Spiritual luxury defies these weak behaviors and low vibration mindsets in order to create a richer, more substantial life.

You Do Deserve The Best Things in Life

There is a noble sentiment to living in poverty for the sake of one’s spirituality, but it’s clear that this was never meant to be a permanent way of life, but merely a necessary step toward a healthier mindset.

If you suffer from numerous attachments and are unhealthily tied to physical concepts of wealth and prosperity, you absolutely need to renounce these things and try living with less for a time being.

It’s not that physical manifestations of wealth and prosperity are inherently bad, it’s that attachment to these concepts can easily lead to corruption and a life devoid of spirituality.

In many spiritual traditions, it is customary to lose all personal belongings and signs of wealth, because many are unhealthily attached to these things.

“Luxe” spirituality is a mindset before anything else, and it is not at all concerned with the mundane.

It’s the difference between being obsessed with “paying the bills” and actively creating value in the world that in turn, enables you to naturally pay your bills because you are accruing wealth.

There’s a subtle difference, but it’s an important one.

Mindset is everything, and how you mentally and emotionally approach a subject will often determine the result, and the kind of energy that returns to you.

You do deserve the best things life has to offer, but not in the way you think.

No one is entitled to anything in this life. A newborn baby animal can immediately be scooped out of its nest and gobbled up by a predator without a second thought.

This is the inherent beauty and ruthlessness of the natural world. Before entering a luxe frame of mind, you have to lose your sense of entitlement.

No one owes you anything. Not even your parents, nor the government.

The entire concept of entitlement is a spiritual sickness that infers you deserve a certain energy or a quantity of value just because of who you are or what you have “been through.”

This might sting to hear but the universe doesn’t care. Your life could get snubbed out in an instant and if you haven’t learned the right karmic lessons you could find yourself back in the same exact situations as this life put you through. The very same trials and tribulations.

In fact, this is a given if you don’t shift your mindset.

The quickest way to inner peace and a better life in general is to discard all expectation and entitlement. It is these attachments that are inadvertently creating a state of lack in your life.

Think about it like this: if you are constantly obsessed with what you “deserve,” you are subconsciously telling the universe that you currently in a state where you do not have these things.

You deserve the best, but from a cosmic standpoint. That “best” is a reflection of your current level of self-awareness and spiritual growth, not some arbitrary physical metric.

In other words, you will only ever receive what you are spiritually aligned with. The universe is based on certain principles of correspondence and magnetism, and because of this, the life you want must be consciously created.

This is where many of the “rich religious” get it so terribly wrong. They use power structures like the church to bilk money out of their supporters, all the while talking about how we “deserve” monetary wealth and that “God” has “promised” these things to us.

And then you read about them in the news a few years later in trouble for money laundering or buying a helicopter with church funds, or other kinds of nonsense.

First of all, luxury living in only partially about monetary wealth, as this is only one way in which abundance manifests.

Luxury spirituality has more to do with how you approach life, your overarching goals, and what you fill your space with. Raw monetary value is an arbitrary metric.

You can live luxuriously on a modest income, and have a life full of incredible joy, health, and accomplishments. A life where all of your needs are continuously met, while enjoying a great sense of inner peace and spiritual fulfillment. 

Once you get into a magnetic flow state of abundance however, physical wealth does tend to naturally accrue as well. This is because your eyes are opened to greater possibilities, you will make better choices (financially and otherwise), and money will start finding you instead of you always having to chase after it.

To put it another way, there are plenty of people walking around out there with 7-figure incomes that are absolutely miserable and live a life of limitation, lack, frustration, and unfulfillment. Income and net worth alone are not even remotely an accurate indicator as to your current degree of wealth, so it helps to break free of the mindset that it is.

This is part of what allows abundance to flow to you in the first place.

Luxury Spiritual Essentials For a Prosperous Life

So what is a spiritual lifestyle comprised of? How do you tap into this energy of luxury?

Spiritual wealth manifests as inner contentment and a gradual accrual of value in all aspects of your life. Coupled with a drive to accomplish your life’s purpose, the physical world will begin to synchronize with your goals and will rise to meet you on several fronts, be them financial, aesthetic, emotional, or otherwise.

Crystals for Manifestation
Crystals are one of the most reliable natural tools for manifesting abundance and creating a luxe spiritual environment within your home.

Beyond having a positive mindset, one of the keys to spiritual luxury is knowing how to work with energy.

This means adding objects into your life that help to cultivate a certain frequency of wealth, keeping after your health in a holistic way, magickal living, and a smart approach to life mastery.

Here are some of the most reliable techniques for generating abundance and cultivating luxury.

Get Smart About Your Money

Wealthy people don’t spend time worrying about money. It’s not because they already have it, it’s simply how abundant-minded people think.

Money is a frequency, like anything else. If you tap into that frequency, money will find you.

If you lock your Self into a low vibration limitation mindset, it will be very hard to see past your next paycheck because you think that’s “your only source of income,” or the only traditional way to “make money.”

Luxury spirituality turns the traditional views of money and wealth on their head. With greater awareness of Self and the world comes more opportunities to attract what you want in life.

You have to start thinking differently about money. It’s not about how much you have or even how much you save or make. Money comes and goes, it exists as a physical manifestation of value and control on the etheric plane.

The more you are able to think with higher awareness and align your Self with the energy of money, the more of it you will be able to leverage.

One of the most important steps to realizing this in your own life is adopting multiple streams of income. Money is literally everywhere for the taking, if you have the eyes to see it.

It is true, our society is built to favor certain institutions and control structures. The rich are getting richer, we’ve heard this a thousand times before.

But did you also know that more millionaires are being created every year than ever before? And most of this is done through an entrepreneurial approach to making money.

You have to be willing to step outside your comfort zone and make money on your terms, not through the already established power structures like 9 to 5s and 401Ks.

This is not to say that such ways of making money are bad. In fact, “regular job” money can work as the backbone of your personal empire.

Luxury spirituality is about manifesting increasingly greater opportunities. Here are some of many ways that you can start generating more money:

  • Government issued treasury bonds.
  • Learn a digital skill through YouTube and start offering your services on Fiverr or Upwork.
  • Create jewelry or artwork and sell it on Etsy.
  • Invest in stocks.
  • Invest in crypto.
  • Write a book about your unique life experiences and self publish it.
  • Create a how to guide on something you know and create a membership or masterclass on it on a platform like Gumroad.
  • Start a blog and monetize it.
  • Take high-resolution photos and make money off of them by posting them on stock photo websites.
  • Learn digital airbrushing skills and sell graduation and wedding photo correction services.
  • Start a podcast about a hobby or topic you love.
  • Scour Facebook for cheap goods and resell them on eBay at a higher price.
  • Monetize your lifestyle on Instagram.
  • Collect your favorite homemade recipes, create an ebook out of them, and sell it.
  • Use private label and wholesale opportunities to create your own line of skincare products, cosmetics, or supplements.
  • Become a talent scout by leveraging your ability to connect people with opportunities.

This list barely scratches the surface in terms of what’s possible. Once you have the right mindset you realize that money is basically falling out of the sky.

New ways of generating physical wealth are being created every day, because we are collectively undergoing a mass-awakening. The paradigm is shifting to a new model. To live in luxury you need to think of money as a fluid state that can be manifested at will.

You will also want to let go of any stingy tendencies. It’s very true that you often have to be willing to spend money to make money.

Think differently about money and it will find you, guaranteed.

Creating a Luxurious Space Around You

While a luxury mindset is important, you also want to use and manage your personal energy correctly.

This is done through an understanding of magickal correspondences.

For instance, gemstones are a common metaphysical tool that are often used in matters of manifestation.

This is because gemstones have an etheric composition that is of a high vibrational frequency. These natural frequencies can be used to create a certain kind of spiritual atmosphere in your life.

Many stones such as green jade have a historical association with luck and money for this very reason.

Spiritual Luxury Tools
Magickal tools can be used to help you cultivate abundance in your own life through an understanding of energy correspondences. Spiritual skills such as divination can also be used to generate money. People have been paying divinators, soothsayers, and oracles since the beginning of history.

Without venturing too deep into the spiritual science, you could almost say that the concept or idea of physical money was created on the same wavelength as the energy that these gemstones emit. By wearing these gemstones and including them in your home, you can promote greater abundance.

The best crystals for abundance:

Clear quartz is also commonly used in matters of wealth generation because it has a clear resonate frequency and is easy to use for just about any purpose that promotes a higher vibration.

Another spiritual luxury practice is to maintain a clean energy field. Historically, the abundantly minded practice ritual bathing, also known as “money baths,” in order to equalize their energy fields and remove lingering negative artifacts from their energy fields.

Himalayan Pink Salt Money Bath

You can get really creative here but the most common tools of a money bath include kosher or Himalayan salt, money soap, or an essential oil that is known to promote wealth such as sage, orange, or myrrh. Light candles, relax, and create what the Wise refer to as a magickal space.

Fill your space with intentional beauty and items that serve a purpose. Many of us are bogged down with useless things and clutter that has no function. This creates mental baggage we don’t even realize we are carrying.

Actively create an aesthetic environment around you by filling your space with items that reflect your intentions.

Minimalism is often employed by the spiritually aware because the less time you spend fussing around with clutter and having to clean things, the more time you can dedicate to living a fulfilling life.

Plants are another useful way to add a wealth-generating atmosphere to your home. Keep your eyes out for the gifts of nature, such as attractive stones and leaves, that can be used to help create the look you want throughout your space. Organic vs artificial living.

Health and fitness are another aspect of creating the atmosphere you want around you. The higher your vibration, the greater your ability to manifest change around you.

Fill your space with items that will help you live healthier. Remember that physical and mental health is a big part of how “wealth” manifests. Once you start to take up an active interest in fitness, self-mastery, eating better, sleeping better, and other forms of self-care, you will know that you are tapping into the frequency of luxury.

Take sensible pride in your appearance and step into your role as spiritual royalty. And no, this isn’t “vanity.”

Animals in the wild endlessly groom and keep after themselves. Self-cultivation is an intrinsic part of nature and staying healthy. Anyone who tells you different does not have your best interests at heart.

Lastly, take full advantage of spiritual timing. For thousands of years, the spiritually aware have guided their actions according to the heavens. Learn base level astrology and start following the phases of the moon, and learn when certain planets go retrograde. Money movers throughout history carefully follow these celestial movements, because these massive energy bodies do have a powerful influence over human behavior and the overall movement of energy on the planet at any given time.

Certain investments, trades, and significant financial purchases should always be done after taking stock of the current astrological climate. Even if you aren’t necessarily into astrology as a part of your divine calling, the powerful and wealthy throughout history have always consulted the stars and followed the movements of energy in their financial dealings.

Everything is connected. Spiritual luxury requires you to understand these connections and “ride” them in order to mold the world around you to better address your needs.

Don’t chase wealth and abundance, let it chase you by thinking and acting luxuriously.

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