How to be a Warrior

How to Become a Warrior in Mind and Body

If you want to get the most out of what life has to offer, you will want to learn how to become a warrior.

I mean this in the most literal sense. Weakness will never get you anywhere in life.

Some never learn this lesson at all and still attempt to draw pity from everyone around them well into old age.

Become a Warrior
Difficult physical activity quiets the ego and helps promote positive brain chemistry, perfect for cultivating a warrior mindset.

Self-victimization, mental weakness, lethargy, ineptitude. This behavior is not only unbecoming, it is useless.

Weakness is a mindset and it can be overcome.

Why Learning How to Become a Warrior is More Important Than Ever

We are entering a tumultuous era. The writing has been on the wall for quite some time.

Over a decade ago I was writing about how “stupidity” would be the death of functioning democracy, and here we are. 🤷

Peacemakers are shunned, logic is out the window, fear and strife are rampant. All of the signs of great societal upheaval abound, and ignoring them won’t do anyone much good.

You could get called an alarmist for simply pointing out the writing on the walls. The truth is, anyone with Eyes to See understands that the underlying foundation of our society is hanging on by a thread, deteriorating rapidly under the weight of encroaching fascism and abject stupidity.

I’ve been writing about this for the better part of the last two decades and even I am shocked at what is transpiring in this country at the moment.

This is no time to be weak.

Black Lives Matter Protest
Civil unrest is the nature result of an unjust society. In a world of overly-militarized police, literal fascists running around forming hate groups, and a massive wealth gap to deal with, turbulent conditions are inevitable. If you want to join the fight, you need to be well prepared.

You will need to be strong, not only for yourself but for the sake of those around you.

From purely a practical standpoint, you will get more out of life if you know how to discipline your mind and body and live according to warrior principles.

Self-mastery is the surest path to inner peace and empowerment, as it has always been.

The benefits of living the warrior lifestyle are numerous, and include

  • Generate more opportunity in your life
  • Able to protect, heal, strengthen, and teach others through your words and actions
  • Cannot be easily stressed, the effects of stress are lessened considerably
  • Enjoy better physical health
  • Full control over your thoughts and emotions
  • The ability to “live in the present” and enjoy life without feeling rushed or regretful
  • Fully equipped in mind and body to defend your livelihood against fascists and regressives

The Path of the Warrior is somewhat of a paradox. You hone your body and mind to such a degree that you become in every sense of the word, lethal, but yet you better understand peace and know how to properly maintain it.

Peace is cultivated through a strong mind, after all.

Most people who have little control over their thoughts and emotions are rarely “peaceful.” They are given to anger and violence and don’t know how to deescalate situations.

You have to train physically, mentally, and emotionally if you want to be able to create peace around you.

This has become more important than ever because of degradation we are seeing in society.

Fascism is more popular than ever and is being adopted by a wide swath of the populace. Violent, racist rhetoric oozes from the mouths of the very leaders we pay to uphold standards of decency and justice.

Like never before, we are witnessing a full-scale collapse of norms. In these kinds of environments, the weak don’t last long.

If you want to be able to stand up to Nazis and fascists, protect your family, and act as an Arbiter should, you need to adopt a warrior lifestyle.

How to Start Living Like a Warrior

It is crucial that you begin to live like a warrior at your earliest possible convenience. If you are reading this, there is a high likelihood that you are already one of the select few who is suited and prepared to take on the mantle of being a warrior, and for the sake of others, you need to be prepared.

To live like a warrior, you first have to learn the value of self-discipline.

  • Adopt a martial art and begin performing yoga or rigorous exercise.
  • Meditate daily for at least ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Eliminate, as best as possible, unhealthy items from your diet. Refined sugars and processed meats are a good place to start.
  • Learn to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions. Tend the garden of your mind.
  • Never react. Seek only to process events around you and act calmly and in accordance with positive thought.
  • Take up at least one useful skill. This could be wood carving, sewing, gardening, cooking, foraging. Learn something that is actually useful that could provide value in a crisis situation.
  • Begin keeping to a schedule and working to discipline yourself in terms of spending habits and time management.

Embracing the warrior lifestyle is exciting, because it opens so many doors and allows you to become truly happy and fulfilled.

Growing in your self-awareness, strengthening your body, getting healthier. These things will help you to feel revitalized and eager to take on challenges in life like never before.

The Warrior Embraces Change and Will Fight For It

Change is coming, but you shouldn’t fear it.

Embracing change is one of the hallmarks of maturity and mental balance.

Even in times such as these, with change on the horizon, you must view it as an opportunity to grow.

Learning to Grow
You want to be a growth-centric person. Always think about how you can better your Self in mind and body, and this way you will be of greater use to others in hard times.

Not only will these coming events strengthen you and turn you into a better person, you will be able to help others do the same. This alone is reason enough to anticipate change with open arms.

The warrior lives by the idea of “come what may,” in that they do not feel apprehensive about anything, even when they know danger is approaching.

Worrying about the future never solved anything or helped anyone. It is a useless, and quite frankly, vain activity.

Rather, the warrior sees the looming threat of danger and readies his or herself. Mental and physical preparation has always been the best way to prepare for an arduous situation.

To be sure, we are most likely headed for chaotic times.

Given the level of propaganda floating around in our society and how many people have succumbed to it, there is not going to be an easy path forward.

You can’t expect low vibration individuals to suddenly square their thoughts with high vibration ideals. Unfortunately, history has shown us that it never works that way.

The great ideological divide that has pitted truth against fantasy is coming to a head. The Wingmakers and several members of the Anonymous Underground have called the upcoming clashes the War of Reason, because it will be the first great war fought entirely on grounds of defending reality itself.

We have already seen evidence of this, as this “war” has already begun.

Some could argue it started decades ago, or even hundreds of years ago as religion took hold over the world. However, for our purposes here, you could say that the war began roughly two decades ago, when propagandists and bad faith actors went all in on hypnotizing the masses through channels such as talk radio and viral social media posts.

This ideological warfare has resulted in the election of Donald Trump, and the complete collapse of common sense among the wider population.

Anyone with Photoshop and a loud voice can now spin “truth” out of thin air and sell it online.

There is no longer any vetting process for information.

Years ago, a piece of information would go through several editors before reaching the airwaves or finding its way into a published newspaper or book.

Now, any random individual who barks loud enough and who can spin a crazy enough lie can reach millions on a whim. 

This has created an entire cottage industry of wild unfounded conspiracies (pizzagate), faux intellectualism (flat earthers), and entire systems of belief based on nothing but fantasy (Qanon).

Discourse has deteriorated rapidly in the past decade.

In this kind of environment, warriors are sorely needed. To maintain order, keep the peace, and be hands of justice when needed.

This is not hyperbole or an exaggeration for the sake of making a point. Without a shared reality to bond through, chaos is inevitable.

We’re already seeing the sea of chaos lap at the shores of reason, and the waves continue to grow in size. In this kind of climate, you either learn how to swim or get submerged.

The fact that you are reading this means you have been called to such a purpose, to rise to the occasion and shine light where there is darkness.

Practical Benefits of the Warrior Mindset

This is an Age of painful awakening. A warrior mindset prepares you for the revelation of your own shortcomings so that you are better suited to correct them.

Rather than taking a victim stance, the warrior takes full responsibility for his or her actions at all times. Regardless of what happens around them, and the nature of the issue at hand.

While there are very real threats looming that will have to be handled with bravery and cunning (the climate crisis, encroaching fascism, wealth inequality, etc.), not everything about training the mind and body revolves around “saving the world.”

First you have to save your Self.

There are many practical benefits to cultivating a warrior mindset that you can apply to everyday life, such as standing up to your fears and being decisive.

You might think that you don’t “have what it takes” to be a warrior or that it is not your nature, but the reality is that we are all capable of embodying the warrior and holding a mindset of strength and surety.

It is not in the nature of an animal to be a victim. The wounded or dying animal does not play the pity card and contemplate why life is “so unfair.”

This is a distinctly human defect, that can easily be overcome by practicing mindfulness.

When striving to become a warrior in mind and body, you must dedicate the time to train both. However, don’t train the mind for the sake of your mind, or your body for the sake of the body. This is where many fail.

Discipline the body through weight lifting, yoga, and martial arts, to tame and still the mind.

Discipline the mind through meditation, mindfulness, and introspection, to control the body.

The results of this training will instill you with confidence, improve your overall health, and will clear your mind so that you can go about your day free of burden and more able to tackle life’s problems with a sure hand.

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  1. Thank you.

    But in addition to mind and body, we must necer ever neglect our spirit. A triune balance is meant to be our nature by design of the Lord God, who is perfect. The body is perishable, the soul and spirit live forever. When Spirit is connected to him he can train the body and mind. He knows us better after all; designed us and everything all around us. And Jesus Christ mastered self control beggining in the mind (1 Peter 4:1 of the bible) the way he did it was incredible and all through the power of God. Thus we reach for him through repentance and belief in his son and we become our best self.

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