Are You a Baby Witch

Are You a Baby Witch? Follow These 6 Signs

You’re inextricably drawn to nature, you practice a bit of astrology and you have a few crystals in your bedroom. Okay, none of these things automatically make you an occultist, but they might indicate that you have certain natural talents or a special calling.

What is a baby witch? This phrase is used to identify newer practitioners of the Craft, or those who are dabbling but don’t yet have any guidance or direction.

If you are unsure of yourself when it comes to your Path, don’t feel discouraged. All witches go through some form of initiation and learning, where they must break through their ego and embrace their calling.

At times this can feel daunting, but it is necessary for growth.

Become a Witch

A new witch is someone who is coming to terms with their power and purpose, and this isn’t always easy to reconcile with a “normal” lifestyle.

If you have felt lost or just want some confirmation in regards to what you’re experiencing, this quick guide can help. The following 6 signs are a relatively solid indicator that you are being called to the Craft, and that you have begun Walking the Path without even knowing it.

1. You Can Sense and Feel Energy

As you may already be aware, everything is energy. We exist in a universe of energy bands, or frequencies, and how dense or light these frequencies are determines the apparent form of an object, or whether it can be seen by the naked eye at all.

While this is a massive oversimplification of the vibratory nature of our existence, it’s important to note because at all times, we exist simultaneously on a multitude of these frequencies.

witch crystals natural energy

Our minds, for instance, are on a different wavelength than physical matter, so too our emotions. The electromagnetic field that our bodies generate is also invisible to the eye but can be sensed by delicate machinery.

For most people, their perception is limited to a small sliver of the electromagnetic spectrum, which doesn’t impart that much extrasensory information.

Others, who have cultivated higher awareness, can see or sense things that exist on other frequencies outside the band of the physical world.

This talent comes naturally to many animals, and is also a gift that witches possess. Not because witches alone are special in some, but because this is the natural result of higher awareness.

In other words, you don’t have higher awareness because you are a witch, but you are a witch because you have higher awareness.

This ability can manifest in a variety of ways. For instance, some are able to see auras, which are essentially parts of our electromagnetic field and etheric body.

Others have the ability to “sense” the mood or intent of the people around them, or can feel the negativity of an object or a room.

If you have experienced these kinds of sensations in the past, there is a strong likelihood that you are Walking the Path and are a witch in training.

2. You Lucid Dream and Have Visions

One of the most common threads connecting practitioners of the Craft is the ability to predict or see the future in some form. Again, this is another natural result of higher awareness.

Many kinds of “visions” are actually clairvoyance, or seeing at a distance through the mind, as well as clairaudience, or hearing at a distance.

Others take the form of involuntary astral projections or dreams.

Dreams have always played a strong role in witchcraft and spiritual traditions as a whole, because they are what connects us to other spheres of reality. Dreams can show us events taking place in other dimensions, or certain potentialities, that could occur here.

In some cases, you may experience “waking visions,” or flashes of insight when you are wide awake or daydreaming. For instance, having déjà vu before you enter a room, only to predict exactly what will occur over the next hour.

These visions and related occurrences are all simply an indication that you are raising your awareness and need to learn how to control your gifts through a structured Craft.

As a baby witch, it can be frustrating or even frightening at times to have visions and not know what they are or why you are having them. Witchcraft or occult training gives you better control over these abilities so you may access them at will and derive clearer insight from them.

3. You Are Drawn to Nature and Animals

Not to say that all animal lovers are automatically witches, but having a close relationship with nature goes hand-in-hand with the Craft.

Part of the reason for this is that witchcraft is our Birthright, it is a coming home to the Mother and the natural energies of the planet’s biosphere.

Essential to this process is learning about all of nature’s beauty and splendor. That plants and animals have much to offer is a reality that witches never question.

Walking the Path

From the medicinal properties of herbs to the voices of animals and natural forces, those who practice the Craft seek a greater understanding of the natural world and view nature Herself as a grand teacher.

If you have always been one of those people who collects shells and leaves, can’t stand to see an animal mistreated, or loves to sit outside in quiet places and listen to the wind and the waters, there’s a good chance that you already have the natural instinct of a witch.

A great deal of the Craft revolves around an understand of the innate energy that is inside of all things, and learning to appreciate it and use it responsibly.

There is magick everywhere, and this is something the witch understands at a deep level.

Every stone, every flower, every acorn, holds certain energies that can be harnesses and coordinated in order to produce certain affects.

When combined with Force of Will, great magick can be wrought from this relationship with natural energies.

Your instinct to collect stones and other natural objects is that of a Wise One, who understands these are treasures and gifts offered by the Great Mother.

4. You Have Natural Gifts

I have already mentioned visions and auric sight, but these aren’t the only natural gifts that come from higher awareness or vibration.

Baby witches often experience a wide range of bizarre phenomenon and possess several uncanny skills. One of the surest signs that you are Walking the Path is a life full of mystery and occult happenstance.

If you have experienced any of the following or have any of these skills, chance are you are a witch:

  • Psychometry, the ability to gain insight into an object’s nature and history by touching it or seeing it
  • Telepathy, the ability to mentally communicate with other people
  • Psychokinesis, the ability to mentally control physical matter in some way (usually manifests as control over one particular type of matter due to mental blockages)
  • You have a natural talent for working with crystals, tarot, palm reading, or other forms of divination
  • Flickering lights around you, electromagnetic disturbances
  • Unexplained knowledge, knowing things you shouldn’t know
  • Animal communion, speaking mentally with animals or plants
  • Seeing or feeling ghosts or spirits (disembodied people, energy bodies)
  • Mediumship, channeling, natural ability to commune with disembodied entities
  • Near Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences

While some of these abilities and occurrences may seem otherworldly or impossible, they are quite “real.” The best thing you can do for your Self as a baby witch is never doubt your experiences and never doubt your power.

Sometimes our egos try to make us second guess ourselves in order to seemingly “protect” us and shelter us from what may be perceived as madness. Many who Walk the Path go through this stage where they have to reconcile the truth of their experiences with the expectations of society.

For instance, you may know for a fact that you and your childhood friend were able to communicate telepathically, but you never spoke of such occurrences and now you doubt yourself. Was the experience even real or was it an overactive imagination?

“Overactive imagination” is typically used by those who lack imagination completely, not to mention an understanding of the nature of reality and the Hermetic Laws.

You know what your lived experiences are, so it’s not my place to say “trust your power.”

Only you can do this.

5. You Have a Connection to the Moon

Another sign that you are a witch is if you feel linked to the moon in some way.

Higher awareness imparts the ability to feel more in tune with the phases of the moon and how they affect energies here on Earth.

Drawing Down the Moon

With this understanding also comes the realization that certain times of the month are better suited for certain kinds of magick and other activities.

The full moon is of course a time of heightened electromagnetic and etheric activity here on Earth, which is why it is so desirable for Craftwork.

The phases of the moon and the corresponding energies associated with these phases reflect the Divine Feminine, and can help us get in touch with this great power.

Such energies feel especially occult and “different” because our society is heavily, grossly hyper-masculine. This unbalanced masculine energy permeates every corner of modern culture, leaving hardly any room for the magick, mystery, intuition, sensuality, and power of the feminine.

This connection with the moon and Her cycles reflects an inner need to “return to balance” and find equilibrium in our Self.

Related to this is the connection you may feel to the movement of the year in general. Witches love celebrating the different phases of nature, the wheel of the year as it is called.

If you feel inspired and powerful during the solstices and equinoxes, you may already have a higher awareness and the calling to witchcraft.

6. The Universe Sends You Signs

The final sign to look out for are the synchronicities and coincidences that typically accompany a spiritual or purposeful life.

As a baby witch, you likely have your fair share of unbelievable coincidences and “signs” that have led you on the Path.

These can be something as simple as making a prediction and having it come to fruition is the most unlikely way possible, to having an eerie and uncanny encounter with an animal out of nowhere.

These little spiritual coincidences are all reflections of your ability to manifest. It is your own subconscious speaking to you through the vibrations of the physical world.

Natural forces usher these coincidences on, because once you align with higher vibrations, you grow in sync with the planet.

Signs, symbols, and strange occurrences will begin to populate your life. You will begin seeing number patterns and it will seem as though people and objects will feel almost “planted” in a way.

These situations are all indicators that your awareness has grown, and that you are ready to begin channeling your energy for a higher purpose. 

Often, you will feel “led” to do certain things or go places. These feelings of intuition will often result in even more coincidences and strange happenings.

For those who have been Walking the Path for some time, this will seem all too familiar.

Once you become aware of the vibratory nature of reality and you begin learning how to manifest or exert your will, you will notice how things inexplicably line up for you.

You may already have the ability to read the world around you, which is sometimes referred to as the reading of portents.

At any given moment, the threads of energy tying everything together manifest in a variety of ways. From the flight path of a bird to the way a puddle forms on the sidewalk, everything is connected and has a cause. These causes and effects can be “read,” like a massive schematic, to discern present and future events.

This is a skill that everyone with higher awareness cultivates, because it is another natural result of being in rhythm with the Earth.

Exploring Life as a Baby Witch

By now you probably have a better idea as to where you are on the Path and whether or not you are a witch.

Even if you are only an aspiring practitioner, this may be the sign you were looking for to give you that extra push.

Whether you are just getting started with your journey as a witch, or if you have already been on the Path for a while but are searching for more guidance, you are in the right place.

Take advantage of the self-mastery resources we have here on Digital Sages. Learn how to better train your mind and body, and you will see how the world unfolds around you.

If you want additional guidance on how to embrace your burgeoning life as a witch, start with these simple tips:

  • Don’t try and learn everything at once. Remain grounded through meditation and exercise.
  • Be patient when gathering magickal tools. The Goddess always provides in time.
  • Everyone’s journey is different. Don’t compare your progress, abilities, or tastes in the Craft with anyone else’s.
  • All those who Walk the Path follow the Hermetic Laws. If you aren’t obeying these and taking them into account, you are likely creating negative energy or messing around with some kind of religion or cult.
  • You may have days or periods of “low energy” or doubt where you don’t feel magickal or inspired. These ego tests and dark nights of the soul are universal among practitioners. It’s your job to navigate your own emotions and thoughts and come out stronger. It helps to ride the energy cycles of the planet to gently force your growth.
  • If you’re wondering about the “one year and a day” rule before becoming a “real” witch or using magick, there is a certain kernel of good advice here. Taking a year to align your Self with the energies of the Earth, learn about the different sciences of magick, and growing your awareness, is a universal tradition in most schools of the occult and will help your progress.
  • Focus on the journey, not the destination. This is your chance to escape the cycles of unhealthy attachment that dominate mainstream society. Rather than expecting to reach some goal or “getting something out of” being a witch, this is your chance to leave attachment behind and finally enjoy life again. Savor every moment. Get outside, open yourself back up to the wonder and the mystery of the world. Read books. Meditate. Experience.
  • Not everyone has to know. Don’t be gaslighted into sharing your personal experiences of the Path with anyone. Don’t feel pressured to tell your parents or friends that you are a witch. The uninitiated are the way they are for a reason. Their negativity and doubt can interfere with your magick. Open up to those that love you, and do so in your own time, not theirs.

The Path is open to you. Embrace everything that comes, do no harm, and trust your instincts.

Are You a Witch?

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