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Processed Meat Carcinogen Hot Dogs Cancer

The Verdict Is In: Processed Meat is a Dangerous Carcinogen

“No level of intake can confidently be associated with a lack of risk,” says a recent study. What is this study referring to, however? A dangerous chemical? A venomous spider? Cigarettes? This might come as a shock to some, but the study in question, conducted by the World Cancer Research Fund, is referring to processed meats. This means bacon, lunchmeat, hotdogs, and other kinds of refined pork, beef, and chicken products that are often found in supermarkets and restaurants all over the world. They are confirmed carcinogens, and yes, they are extremely powerful cancer-causing agents. But how can this be? […]

New Study Proves Most Vitamin Supplements Are Worthless

Vitamin and Mineral supplements are a booming industry. The theory of their popularity goes something like this: the typical American diet doesn’t fulfill all of our basic nutritional requirements, and therefore we should be “supplementing” our diets with lab-constructed pills full of vitamins and minerals to ensure we are healthy. However, there are multiple problems with this line of reasoning. The first being, if your diet is so unhealthy that you believe you aren’t even getting the most basic levels of nutrients every day, what on Earth are you doing? Why even subscribe to such a diet in the first […]

What You Need to Know About the Paleo Diet and Why It’s Just Another Fad

There’s something about the Paleo Diet that has the health and wellness world buzzing. Maybe because it’s supposedly a “return to our natural diet,” maybe because it’s helping people lose weight, or maybe because it’s simply the rage. Whichever the case may be, we hear about it all the time, and we get asked a lot of questions about it, so let’s take some time to demystify it. One thing should be noted that we advocate healthy living at all costs, even in baby steps. While there are plenty of flaws with the Paleo diet, we’re not here to say […]

Get Your Life Back on Track with a new Diabetic Diet!

If you’re one of the 29 million people who suffer from diabetes in the US, you’re probably thinking ‘Oh, great, another fad diet’, but that’s where you’re wrong! My name is Dr Nicola Siso, and I am a lifelong Type 1 diabetic, with a PhD in Holistic Nutrition that I’ve dedicated to reversing the symptoms of diabetes. When I was first diagnosed – age 29! – I was in shock, and I felt like my life was over. All I wanted was to have energy, lose weight, and feel great again, but with the late diagnosis I was convinced that […]

What Makes Smoothies So Good For Us? Here’s The Facts

Easy to make, tons of variety, and unarguably delicious? That’s pretty much the best way to describe a smoothie, but you could easily add “highly nutritious” to that list. If you’re not very well acquainted to the new world of smoothies, they’re more than chic drinks you can grab at the mall, or a bizarre vegan trend. The reason why you’re seeing them pop up all over the place is that they are not only perfect as treats, they are easy-to-make meals that blow most Western “meals” out of the water in terms of nutrition and our biological needs. So […]
Holistic Health Steps

5 Key Steps to Holistic Health

With more information coming out every day about the dangers and complications associated with mainstream allopathic medicine, it’s no wonder that people are looking elsewhere for guidance on what they need to do to stay healthy. Indeed, the holistic health movement is burgeoning, despite backlash and propaganda from “Big Pharma” and other mainstream medical outlets. It is estimated that almost half of all Americans are already utilizing alternative medical practices, and this number is only expected to increase. It’s worth asking, why? If the mainstream medical industry truly has the “monopoly” on health that they claim they do, wouldn’t people […]
Power of Detoxing

The Power of Detoxing: Getting Past Mainstream Propaganda

As holistic medicine becomes increasingly more popular, it’s finding a fair share of resistance from the mainstream medical community. This is to be expected, however, as the holistic and naturopathic movements stand to make a serious dent in the profits of mainstream medical, diet, and food industries. Just as Big Tobacco used millions of dollars of propaganda in order to discredit the health findings of their product, as well as the meat and dairy industries following in their footsteps, we can expect plenty of mainstream propaganda over the next few years leveled at those who seek to heal their bodies […]
Protein Myth Vegan Truth Plant-Based Diet

The Protein Myth Revisited

The belief that the primary source of dietary protein should be meat and dairy products is one of the biggest persistent misconceptions in our society. Many people are set to believe that without incorporation of animal-based protein in the diet, it is not possible to perform as an athlete or live a healthy life. This belief is a misconception that is spreading everywhere fueled by recent advertisements and campaigns pushing to have chocolate milk as an athletic beverage for optimal nutrition. Fitness expert testimonials and some compelling food labels in the market have also contributed immensely to the same. This […]
Not Expensive to Buy Organic

Think It’s Expensive to Buy Organic? Exposing the Hidden Costs of Crappy Food

There’s definitely a huge misconception out there: that it’s more expensive to eat healthy or vegan than it is to eat like the average American. I’m here to call that whole line of thinking out for what it is: nonsense. Our desire for extremely cheap food is a relatively new standard, that seemed to emerge alongside the “war economy” of the 1940s, when food processing become more prevalent. Suddenly the same techniques used to mass produce objects began to be applied to food. This era also saw the rise of “fast food,” extremely cheap diner food with tasty additives and […]
Woman Raw Vegan Holding Fruit

Living Food and Dead Food: Optimal Health Begins With Raw Plant-Based Diet

There’s a whole lot more to food than nutritional content. A so-called “food” can be created in a lab and be injected with all kinds of vitamins and minerals, but chemically speaking, it’s dead. The difference between living and dead food is stark, and of great importance if we are to understand proper health for the human body. You may have heard the term before: living food. What exactly does this mean? Are we supposed to go out and catch a squirrel in our jaws and eat it raw? Not quite (although there are some carnivorous animals who would salivate […]